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Visual Studio Team System 2010

Charles Sterling has a fantastic run down of all the videos Microsoft has been putting out about the recently announced next version of Visual Studio: Visual Studio 2010 (see our posts here). Charles’ list is mostly specific to the Team System version of the product, but includes some general videos as well.

We were interested to view a few more, but found that some weren’t correctly configured – for example this one on how Microsoft use Team System and TFS internally was of particular interest but didn’t seem to show.

We moved on to some of the architecture ones, and they displayed fine. Many of the videos go for 15 – 30 mins so there’s a lot of fine watching ahead of you, but of the ones we watched the information was good. This one, going through some of the new modelling tools (eg UML designers) was interesting (and don’t be put off by the IDE still showing Visual Studio 2008 – these videos are definitely of some of the new templates and functionality in Visual Studio 2010).

These videos started surfacing 2 weeks ago, but they deserve another mention. Worth viewing if you are interested in some depth into the new version coming.

You can also see the list here on the Channel 9 site.

Visual Studio 2010

Yes, you’ve all heard the Visual Studio 2010 news by now. If not, the you may want to check out the following links:

MS Press Release

Mary-Jo Foley analysis (and note that jQuery is going to be part of VS2008 as well as the MVC downloads – her article is a little unclear)

Joe Wilcox opinion (in which he rightly puts together the links with BizTalk Server 2009 and Oslo as well as a look at how this fits in with the upcoming PDC sessions.

However, the best articles to read are Somasegar’s announcement and this MSDN article. In particular the latter which has some cool screen shots:

Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture Explorer

Visual Studio Team System 2010 testing tools

There’s also some nice Visual Studio 2010 videos coming over on Channel 9, starting with this 34 min piece from Norman Guadagno covering the key enhancements.

Norman Guadagno: Announcing Visual Studio Team System 2010

There will be a controlled spilling-of-the-beans over the next few weeks leading up to PDC, however the main point being hammered home in the first few days is the serious focus VS2010 has on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) (Wikipedia explanation here)