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ExecTweets is shite

Is it just us or is the new ExecTweets site a complete waste of time?

The site is sponsored by Microsoft’s People-Ready program, and is essentially about grouping together a bunch of executives who use Twitter. Yawn.

The only interesting feature, although hardly a new one, is the ability to vote up a Tweet (but not down as far as we can see). Could be useful, but we’re not really sure for what (Retweeting is far more useful in our opinion). Time will tell.

The Twitter guys get inundated with all kinds of feature requests, and voting has long been on the list. The restraint they’ve shown in ensuring Twitter stays simple is a fundamental reason for its success.

So, you can bet the only reason (in spite of what they say) for featuring the ExecTweets link is so they can observe the response it gets. If enough people love the ability to vote, they’ll just add it to Twitter itself (and kill ExecTweets in the process). The same applies with all the different categorisation and aggregation products out there. They are niche features that only a select few want. But if they get popular enough (eg like the ability to Search Twitter became) they’ll add it in.

Our guess is that hardly anyone wants the ability to vote on a Tweet, and the site will be wallowing within a month. But hey, a great little promotional effort all the same. Nice work to whoever came up with the concept. Enjoy your success while you can.


(via MG Siegler at VentureBeat)

Microsoft Confidential on Twitter

OK, so some of you have noticed that we are on Twitter. Yes, we did say we weren’t going to go in for any of that social networking malarky, but when we started following people (we picked on people who have something to say about Microsoft) the quality of conversation was too good to pass up.

You can follow us here: http://twitter.com/msconfidential

Microsoft Confidential on Twitter

We’ve already had a few people DM-ing us on Twitter giving us suggestions. We welcome this (especially as it seems most people don’t want to leave comments here – we’re not sure why exactly), and due to popular demand we are probably going to expose our email address in the coming week (something we originally said we wouldn’t do).

When it comes to Twitter we are gradually following the followers of people we follow <g> attempting to build up another good source of Microsoft discussion in addition to all the blogs and news feeds we devour.

You may also notice we are active pruning the follower list every day or so too (that’s why it goes up and down) as we weed out the noise.

Someone asked if we had a Facebook page or group or fan thing – not as yet. Feel free to add one and let us know – we’ll link to it here.