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Silverlight 2 is ready

Microsoft has announced that Silverlight 2 is ready (and will be available to download Tuesday). Scott Guthrie made the announcement via conference call today (Monday).

Here’s the main features of Silverlight, which Microsoft claims is now on 25% (or more) of PCs worldwide:

Highlights of new Silverlight 2 features include the following:

. .NET Framework support with a rich base class library. This is a compatible subset of the full .NET Framework.

. Powerful built-in controls. These include DataGrid, ListBox, Slider, ScrollViewer, Calendar controls and more.

. Advanced skinning and templating support. This makes it easy to customize the look and feel of an application.

. Deep zoom. This enables unparalleled interactivity and navigation of ultrahigh resolution imagery.

. Comprehensive networking support. Out-of-the-box support allows calling REST, WS*/SOAP, POX, RSS and standard HTTP services, enabling users to create applications that easily integrate with existing back-end systems.

. Expanded .NET Framework language support. Unlike other runtimes, Silverlight 2 supports a variety of programming languages, including Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, IronPython and IronRuby, making it easier for developers already familiar with one of these languages to repurpose their existing skill sets.

. Advanced content protection. This now includes Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady, offering robust content protection for connected Silverlight experiences.

. Improved server scalability and expanded advertiser support. This includes new streaming and progressive download capabilities, superior search engine optimization techniques, and next-generation in-stream advertising support.

. Vibrant partner ecosystem. Visual Studio Industry Partners such as ComponentOne LLC, Infragistics Inc. and Telerik Inc. are providing products that further enhance developer capabilities when creating Silverlight applications using Visual Studio.

. Cross-platform and cross-browser support. This includes support for Mac, Windows and Linux in Firefox, Safari and Windows Internet Explorer.

Source: Microsoft PressPass

That last point is interesting to note. In terms of cross platform and cross browser support, as Mary-Jo notes, Silverlight does work on the Chrome, but not on iPhone (due to Apple’s usual closed wall bullshit licensing).

We don’t think everything Microsoft does or promotes is great, but Silverlight is definitely one they are pushing big time. They will succeed, and it’s only a matter of time (although I do think Joe Wilcox has a point when he says ‘promises are cheap‘). If you are still undecided on Silverlight, then it’s time to reconsider.

Silverlight 2

The Silverlight site still sports the Beta 2 download, but it is only a matter of hours before the full version becomes available.

Scott Guthrie Silverlight announcement coming

What a fucking joke. It’s great that there’s a ‘significant Silverlight announcement’ being made on Monday. But why you have to dial in to hear it via a teleconference call by Scott is beyond us.

And check out the special instructions: Participants will need to speak the passcode “Silverlight”.

Scott, you are our hero man – so how have the press dicks managed to force your announcement to be made in this prehistoric fashion? Microsoft – what the fuck are you thinking?

Microsoft returns to the dark ages

And yes, we will be dialing in. The news will be available here once announced.

Scott Guthrie talks about PDC

We were chatting with a few developers the other day and one of them mentioned that he didn’t know who Scott Guthrie was.

<crickets chirped>

After we’d forgiven the poor lad for his gaff we then explained that Scott was one of those luminaries that has shaped where Microsoft is today, especially on the web side.

But Channel 9 probably has the best title for him: King of the Geeks. In this interview (from last week) Scott chats about what’s coming up for him at PDC (he’s keynoting), and how he doesn’t get nervous speaking to less than 4,000 people.

King of the Geeks indeed.

Countdown to PDC2008: King of the Geeks, Scott Guthrie, Previews PDC Keynote

jQuery and Visual Studio

Good to see that Microsoft is going to be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio from now on. Scott Guthrie made the announcement earlier:

I’m excited today to announce that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward.  We will distribute the jQuery JavaScript library as-is, and will not be forking or changing the source from the main jQuery branch.  The files will continue to use and ship under the existing jQuery MIT license.

How on earth with developers cope with the huge additional bloat (all 15kb of it) this adds to the otherwise streamlined VS range?

Silverlight 2 Release Candidate

Scott Guthrie has blogged about the availability of the Silverlight 2 Release Candidate – well, the developer runtime anyway.

This is a good move, as it gives developers time to play and fix any breaking issues (download the word doc here) between this version and the previous beta, before the official version is publicly deployed (real soon now!)

Tim Heuer also notes a few items, including the ADO.NET Data Services bits being updated.

If you find an issue please log it on the Silverlight forum.