We love to hear rumours about upcoming Microsoft releases.

If you’ve got a rumour and want to take the credit for it then leave it as a comment here (we allow URL links in the comments). You can even register on the site and setup a profile to give more information about yourself.

Alternatively if you want to remain anonymous that’s fine too. We don’t accept rumours by email or any other means at this stage – just a comment will do.

But! We have some rules.

We don’t accept any details that break NDAs with Microsoft (eg if you are a Microsoft MVP or company insider and privy to as yet unreleased information). It all has to be above board.

This site is about discussing the good and the bad of Microsoft, along with tips and some occasional in depth analysis. It’s NOT about pissing off Microsoft unnecessarily. Well, not unless they deserve it at least.

In time we plan to hand out some coolio prizes to people who provide the bestest, juiciest rumours.


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