Basically we’re a bunch of Microsoft fanboys (and perhaps even a fangirl or two) who love all things Microsoft. We love to investigate, learn and report on the great stuff Micro$oft does. We praise the good stuff and we heap shit on the crap stuff. It’s only fair.

We’re located in various part of this planet and have no set schedule for when and how often we post.

We have a page for receiving tip-offs and rumours – and we’re thinking about running a monthly prize for the best rumour (provided it turns out to be true – don’t go wasting any of our precious time OK).

We don’t have any email accounts for this site so the only way you can contact us is to leave a comment. And no, we don’t have any social networking shite configured either. Just a blog. And yes, we’ve just succumbed to Twitter. Follow us here.

Microsoft Confidential on Twitter

Here’s why we’re called Microsoft Confidential (and why we plan on remaining anonymous for the time being).

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  2. Fan Boy

    Sorry Ryan, we don’t have any wallpapers. Nor do we have any Windows 7 builds (but we’re happy to take delivery of them ). And finally, we don’t remember mentioning anything to Mike.

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