Windows 7 Starter Edition limits

So someone discovered they couldn’t change the desktop using a beta build of Windows 7 Starter Edition. Someone else thought that was rediculous. And then the Twitter shitstorm started.

I guess that’s the benefit of a beta program though. Microsoft can put stuff out there and gauge the reactions it gets.

Yes, not being able to change the desktop might be a little strange, but is hardly problematic. And there are even workarounds. This is nothing compared to the straight-jacket-fitting limits many enterprises put on their employee’s machines. I’ve had situations where you can’t change resolution, can’t add anything to the Start menu, taskbar, not even shortcuts on the desktop.

So take a chill pill folks. It ‘aint that bad. And its likely the intended audience for the Starter Edition won’t even care. The people who would be annoyed will install a full version on their netbook, notebook or desktop the minute they unpack their new machine.

One thought on “Windows 7 Starter Edition limits

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    If I am not mistaked in the starter edition you dont get the Windows registry also…However Microsoft could at least adds more fearures in the starter ed. …since it doesn’t come for free and you still have to pay it!

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