Microsoft DemoFest reports

Having an event (even if it is smaller and to a select audience) called DemoFest raises expectations, especially when the topics are related to Microsoft’s adCenter Labs latest ideas.

You may have read Benjamin Romano’s report (the demos ‘were not jaw-dropping’) in which he covered the main concepts demonstrated:

  • Gift Matching – really just demographic matching
  • Microsoft Gaze – Javascript enabled popup launcher
  • Display ad tool – automatically generates ad layouts
  • Location platform – tries to predict user intent

As Ben notes, these are nothing really new, and are simply catchup mechanisms on Microsoft’s part (see also Matt’s thoughts over at Search Engine Land).

Whilst admittedly it is just Microsoft showcasing what they are up to, wouldn’t it be a great confidence boost if Microsoft actually came up with something innovative that changed the game, rather than annoyed the shit out of users (eg the popup launcher is going to be very hated if it ever makes it out in the wild).

We love Eric Brill’s (General Manager of Strategic Direction) comments on the developments:

“We’re making a lot (of progress). It’s not user-visible but it means the velocity of innovation will go up a lot,” Brill said.

Source: Joe Tartakoff at

Velocity of innovation my arse!

Microsoft adCenter Labs

(via Joe Tartakoff)

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