Microsoft PressPass shite

Following on from our previous post on using Microsoft press releases, comes an example of how sometimes the PR cronies really miss the point.

Here’s an example of how the Microsoft PressPass site can be guilty of pushing out too much shite. Take this post on how ‘Tough Economic Times can be Opportunity for IT Pros‘. This is one of the most shameless pieces of drivel we’ve seen in a long time.

With its catchy title you may think it purports to give advice or strategies on how to embrace opportunities during these uncertain times. No chance. This press release is little more than a listing of some of Microsoft’s upcoming releases. The fuckers at Microsoft PressPass have injected a major credibility killer with this one.

Take a gander at this bunch of hooey:

“We live in a hybrid world of software and services,” Anderson said. “Customers need to choose a path that best aligns with their strengths. Microsoft’s software-plus-services offerings allow businesses to choose, and benefit from both the convenience and security of on-premises software and the efficiency of Web-based services.”

Source: Microsoft PressPass

‘Customers need to choose a path that best aligns with their strengths.’ No shit Sherlock. Thanks a million for that gem.

The release then goes on to list Windows Server 2008 R2, Identity solutions, Dublin and even the TechNet Online social bookmarking site. What a fucking joke. Spare us.

Dear PR hacks, please lift your game. It’s embarrassing.

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