Microsoft’s mobile strategy

Hands up everyone who has a mobile.

Now, leave your hand up if you think Microsoft has a compelling strategy for you and your mobile.

OK, so there’s a few.

Now leave your hands up if you don’t work for Microsoft.

Yep, that’s what we thought – a hands free zone.

We’re the first to admit that we love just about everything Microsoft does. But when it comes to Mobile, we have to agree with Joe Wilcox, Om Malik and many others when they say that Microsoft is letting a major global strategy slip out of their grasp.

Microsoft seem to be at pains to hype up all the ‘cool new stuff’ coming at PDC, especially cloud based and Windows 7 based. But where’s the mobile stuff? There’s nothing there on the PDC Agenda about mobile.

Microsoft is losing ground to numerous other mobile vendors, and with Google’s Android being available shortly, the noose is getting tighter.

Windows Mobile currently sits at 11.5% of market share.

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